Best CPU with Gaming PC Build Under 10k In 2021

Hello friends, in this post we will build Best gaming PC, that too Best budget Under 10k in 2021 | Which you can use for Normal Working with Office, Student Online & Offline and Smooth Gaming with 1080p.

Best Gaming PC Build Under 10k In 2021

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Best Gaming Using CPU Under 10k –

In this we support Intel’s i3 3240 which is the 3rd Generation Processor, this Processor supports the LGA 1155 Socket. Its processing speed lasts up to 3.4 GHz. In this, we will get to see 2 Core & 4 Threads. The budget is quite right in Pc Build.

While this processor is being talked about, this power seems low, processing speed is good. Its design comes with the new architecture. It is compatible with the motherboard of the H61 Intel Chipsets and the LGA 1155 Socket. It has intel’s Intel® HD Graphics 2500 inbuild Graphic.

Best Gaming Using Motherboard Under 10k – 

In this we will use Zebronics H61 Motherboard which supports Intel’s LGA 1155 Socket. It also supports intel’s Intel i7 / i5 / i3 series Processor. In future you will find it easy to upgrade i7 or i5.

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In this, we have given two slots of RAM which supports Memory upto 16GB with DDR3, it will take DDR3 1066/1333 / 1600MHz of RAM.

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Best Gaming Using RAM Under 10k – 

Friends, we will use 4GB of RAM up to 1066/1333 / 1600MHz of DDR3 so that our budget does not go out. Frontech 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM-0010 This is good RAM, which supports the requirements of the motherboard. You can also use which one, but should be DDR3.

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Best Gaming Using Storage Under 10k – 

Seagate’s 500GB Sata Internal Hard Disk will be Desktop HDD. Up to 500GB is right in the budget, your requirement is big, you can buy.

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Best Gaming Using Cabinet Under 10k – 

If you want a gaming look then you need a good cabinet, which is Zeb-Cronus Premium Gaming Cabinet of Zebronics, Mirror Finish Tempered Glass On Front and 4 x120mm Rainbow Double Ring LED Fans, which provide quite premium quality.

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Friends, if you have more budget then you can use Graphics Card. We had to do Pc Build (Best CPU with Gaming PC Build Under 10k In 2021) in the budget. If you feel that we should build with Graphic PC, then you can definitely comment below.

We will definitely try that for you with Graphics Card and Budget should also be there, then we will try to cover in the next post. Until then, from your heart,

Thank you!!!

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