Difference Between DDR3 vs DDR4 vs DDR5 RAM?

In today’s blog article, we discuss the key distinctions between DDR3 vs DDR4 vs DDR5 RAM and also exactly how to select the right one for you …

Don’t do not rather recognize the different RAM generations mean indicate Don’t worry, after reading this article, you’ll comprehend what RAM is and its various generations and their distinctions.

What is RAM?

Of all, what does it imply? You’ve possibly listened to it if you’ve had basic computer topics before. Of course, that’s years ago so here’s a refresher.

RAM stands for random access memory. It’s the temporary data storage of your computer. When it’s called ‘temporary’, it means that it isn’t stored for the long-term, so if you’re doing something in Microsoft Word as well as really did not save it to your computer system, after that the file (as well as the data inside it) ceases to exist the minute you shut your computer off.

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RAM exists on all calculating tools from your computer systems to your wise devices. It’s used for the jobs you do on the software program – from opening up documents, crunching numbers, searching, and also other features. You’ll observe that one of the most typical things you do on a computer system is for momentary use as well as this is where RAM is used one of the most.

The 5 RAM Generations

The first RAM generation was DDR generally recognized as DDR1, The numbers after DDR indicate the generation of the RAM from oldest to latest.

DDR1 was launched in 2000 and had a voltage of 2.5-2.6 V and also a transmission capacity of 3.2 GB/s. Considering that it’s the very initial generation, it’s certainly slower as well as has a smaller sized size. The next generation was DDR2. DDR2 significantly decreased in regards to voltage usage and boosted data transfer. It was 1.8 V and 8.5 GB/s, specifically. Regrettably, DDR1 and DDR2 are already obsolete regarding video gaming computers are worried.

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While it’s still available, it’s not as common contrasted to DDR4. DDR4, on the other hand, was released in 2014 as well as has a voltage of 1.2 V as well as a data transfer of 25.6 GB/s. Much, DDR4 is the most typical RAM generation made use of merely since it’s the most current generation launched for mass production.

You have DDR5. The DDR5 has launched a year ago and it has a 1.1 voltage and also bandwidth of 32 GB/s. Yes, it’s fast as well as it has a large size (not essentially). However, the problem with the DDR5 is it’s not yet produced all over as well as just pick businesses are making it.

What are the Differences Between DDR5, ddr3, and ddr4?

The actual question right here is not so much on what you’ll get because you’re getting DDR4, yet more on why you’re getting it over the others. What are their primary differences? The specifications were listed above, what do they suggest in terms of your computer’s efficiency?

To much better explain them, below’s a failure of what those specs mean.


When it comes to RAM, the greater the voltage, the better its efficiency will certainly be. That does not necessarily imply that you have to get a RAM that has the greatest voltage, indicating that the DDR5 is not constantly the finest option. And also, you always have to match your RAM’s voltage to your motherboard’s abilities.

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Depending on what’s created there, you can either select a reduced voltage than the referral or the recommendation itself. Selecting a reduced voltage DDR4 is much better because you have extra alternatives to choose from.

Something to discover is that the later on the generation is, the more marginal the voltage usage is. If you contrast the DDR4 to the DDR3, it will have a smaller voltage modification as compared to the DDR3 to the DDR2.


An additional spec to note is the data transfer. Most of the moment, a quicker RAM rate will be better since it permits you to do things quicker, for this reason allowing you to complete more on your computer. DDR4 has a faster rate than DDR3 that makes it better.

It does not end there. When considering transmission capacity, you additionally need to consider the storage dimension of your RAM. Why? Larger storage permits you to keep more despite the rate of your RAM. At the end of the day, RAM is storage, so the bigger the storage the better. To put it simply, larger storage covers a much faster data transfer.


Prefetch, in terms of RAM, refers to the amount of information checked out in one pass. All those units of information might not be used (which occurs most of the time, also) however it’s a procedure of just how efficient your computer is.

The DDR3 has a prefetch of 8n which indicates that it can process 8 devices of information in one pass. For this spec, DDR4 prices are all the same as DDR3 due to the fact that the former’s prefetch is like 8n. At the same time, the DDR5 has a prefetch of 16n which is two times as rapid as the DDR4. Clearly, the DDR5 is a lot far better in this department.


No, this does not mean the storage dimension; it literally implies the actual size of the various RAM generations. Don’t forget that RAM is an actual physical component of the motherboard, so it’s ideal to understand which one is compatible with yours.

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