Top 5 Laptop Manufacturers Brands in the World

When going to acquire a laptop, individuals think about different specs to fit their needs from numerous laptop computer companies. Finding the wanted laptop computer brand can seem a difficult task because there are numerous laptop brand names in the market.


Due to technological advancement, lots of laptop companies have emerged and if not mindful, you may wind up a victim of deceitful brand names. This post will highlight the top 10 finest laptop computer brands. All brands are developed in different methods to look after consumer requirements. Design, fashion, functionality, and size are a few of the elements that makers think about when developing laptops. The rankings are a simple average of the features however you should think about the functions rankings before you select one



Acer is a Taiwanese computer manufacturer with international clients. Acer laptops are usually the finest value for the money and the majority of the time with Acer you get what you pay for.

Established in 1976, the business has a decent 5.7 percent global market share, when it comes to laptop sales. All Acer laptops give average battery life.

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The Chinese laptop computer brand is referred to as among the largest manufacturers worldwide and their devices are exceptionally popular amongst budget plan users. Acer is accused of flooding the laptop computer market with their incredibly low-budget laptop computers as well as Chromebooks that are available from just $150.

The widest-possible range of gadgets, Acer also offers a decent client assistance system to the customers. These include interactions by means of live chat, telephonic calls, email, and social media platforms. Acer likewise offers neighborhood or forum support to the user besides using a well-connected network of physical service stations.

Acer Pros and Cons:


  • Substantial item variety.
  • Versatile and affordable devices.
  • 7 percent international laptop market share.
  • Committed series for high-end professional video gaming.


  • Resilience is a problem.
  • Frustrating guarantee management.
  • Unattainable consumer assistance.



  • General: 8.2/ 10.
  • Technical Specifications: 8/10.
  • Style: 8/10.
  • Cost: 8.5/ 10.
  • Assistance and Warranty: 8/10.
  • Development: 8.5/ 10.


If you’re searching for a good Windows laptop then you will certainly need to go with the Dell. Their technical and after-sales assistance is really worth applauding and is appreciated by users worldwide.

The majority of Dell laptop computers are affordable and most of their style and hardware are very simple and powerful. However, not everybody likes a basic style which’s the only factor some users avoid Dell.

There are a variety of factors for why Dell is the best Windows laptop brand like their assistance, expert style, reasonable rates, and durability. If you want to stick to one brand name for perpetuity then you can quickly choose their three series’ like Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware.

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Inspiron is a perfect option for spending plan users where XPS can be used for high-end use and obviously Alienware for gamers. Likewise, according to recent lists, Dell is one of the best-selling laptop brands in 2020. They have a laptop for practically everyone.

Their collection of laptop computers is seriously difficult to count and most of their notebooks have all the most recent features covered consisting of touchscreens, backlit keyboards, lasting batteries, and effective processors.

The yearly revenue of this laptop business is around $50 billion and practically 101,000 people work for these top laptop computer businesses.

Dell Pros and Cons:


  • Innovative and ultraportable devices that lead time.
  • Extensive product range.
  • Dell produces light laptops.
  • International market share of 17 percent.
  • Every gadget boasts of decent battery life.
  • Excellent and prompt customer support.
  • 30-day return policy.
  • More recent design aspects including slimmer bezels.
  • Outstanding screen to show ratio.



  • The minimalistic design postpones certain users.
  • Business does not use goodies and extra kits with the laptops.
  • Minimal discount rates on the actual item cost.


  • Overall: 8.4/ 10.
  • Technical Specifications: 8/10.
  • Design: 8.5/ 10.
  • Rate: 8.5/ 10.
  • Support and Warranty: 8.5/ 10.
  • Innovation: 8.5/ 10.


Developed in 1984, Lenovo is a Beijing-based international corporation, associated with computer production. It has a global computer market share of 25.1 percent, carefully followed by HP and Dell.

Lenovo has a yearly revenue of almost $45 billion and has more than 60,000 workers around the world.

Lenovo is one of the most exceptional laptop computer brands and their prices are a little greater compared to other manufacturers. Nevertheless, their laptops are ideal for all kinds of jobs and can be used by anybody consisting of professional gamers, business owners, and university students.

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They are mostly known for their organization class laptops. These use not only power however likewise an incredibly flexible style, with Lenovo models often included in lists of the existing top-rated business laptop computers.

They have been making Electronics that include desktops, laptop computers, mobile phones, projectors, monitors, and tablets. They have perfection in a variety of functions such as graphics, touchpad, keyboard, display screen, and audio quality. 

Lenovo uses an excellent customer assistance system, accessible via telephonic interface and e-mails. All laptop series have a dedicated consumer care interface for seamless resolution of gadget-associated issues.


Lenovo Pros and Cons:


  • Shows off very long-lasting hardware elements regardless of the cost bracket.
  • Lenovo provides a device for each price sector.
  • Global market share of almost 25 percent.
  • Wide-range of laptop computers in regards to style and type aspects.
  • Trigger consumer support system.
  • A well-connected network of available service centers.


  • Dull design and structuring.
  • Doubtful graphics support even on mid-range devices.



  • Total: 8.5/ 10.
  • Technical Specifications: 9/10.
  • Design: 8/10.
  • Price: 9.5/ 10.
  • Assistance and Warranty: 8/10.
  • Innovation: 8/10.



HP also called Hewlett-Packard is one of the oldest electronic device brands that are not as popular as they used to be. They still supply the most reputable makers and are commonly utilized by players and professionals when it comes to desktops.

This leading laptop company makes one of the very best laptop computers for students and has yearly profits of around $53 billion. They have just recently revealed the world’s thinnest laptop.

HP may not have constantly had the best laptop track record, however, the most recent HP laptop computers have actually taken some style cues from their contemporaries and have really raised the bar. The existing crop of note pads is fast, powerful, and easier for customers to adopt for their personal tasks.

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When it concerns laptop range, HP has convertibles, fan-less laptop computers, gaming gadgets, removable 2-in-1s, basic note pads, and high-end workstations, and so on. Their makers master performance. Moreover, their high-end series like Spectre, Omen, and ZBook, packs in a few of the very best functions and offers the best worth for money.

The whole HP Spectre and Envy line-up come with gem-cut style components and captivating looks. Additional series include the ProBook, Pavilion, EliteBook, Chromebooks, Essentials, and more.

Customer support choices location HP in the leading 5 of all manufacturers. With choices for as much as three years of extensive guarantee, you can net yourself some serious protection for your brand-new laptop computer too.


HP Pros and Cons:


  • HP uses laptops for every single cost bracket.
  • It has a skilled consumer support group.
  • HP offers an extensive device warranty of approximately 3 years.
  • The company has a 22.6 percent international laptop computer market share.
  • Features AMOLED screens on high-end devices.
  • Slimmest possible convertibles.



  • One-dimensional design cues except for the high-end designs.
  • Its hardware toughness does not motivate confidence.
  • Irregular battery assistance in choose designs.
  • Ratings:
  • Total: 8.86/ 10.
  • Technical Specifications: 9/10.
  • Style: 8.8/ 10.
  • Price: 9/10.
  • Assistance and Warranty: 9/10.
  • Innovation: 8.5/ 10.


Apple is definitely one of the high-end brands when it concerns Laptops, Smartphones, Computers, and Tablets.

Apple tops the sections like client assistance, develop quality, easy to use, screen, power, and style. Their laptops are extremely attractive with a backlit Apple’s logo on the back making them among the very best things to display. It totally errors complimentary unlike Windows and extremely easy to use when it comes to OS. Concurrently, if there’s one thing that nearly everyone settles on, it’s that Apple laptop computers are extremely trustworthy and predictable and thus being crowned as the very best laptop company on the planet.

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Apple has a yearly revenue of around $230 billion with earnings of nearly $50 billion and has more than 120,000 employees working for one of the best laptop manufacturing businesses.

Apple uses the best client support for MacBook users. Physical shops, the business provides 24 × 7 Support over calls, complimentary for a duration of 90 days. Live chat support is likewise readily available. Online tech assistance is also offered. Since 2020, they have continued to retain the leading Top laptop computer brand name on the planet.


Apple Pros and Cons:


  • A standard design uses spectacular efficiencies.
  • Devices are responsive and exceptionally fast.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Excellent looks.
  • Apple has a global laptop market share of practically 6 percent.
  • Retina display supports unmatched color recreation.
  • MacBook’s have outstanding speakers.
  • Exceptional customer assistance.
  • Permits users to install Windows by means of a double boot.


  • Hardware isn’t constructed for gaming.
  • Higher cost.
  • Non-upgradeable RAM.


  • Total: 8.9/ 10.
  • Technical Specifications: 9.5/ 10.
  • Style: 9/10.
  • Cost: 8/10.
  • Assistance and Warranty: 9/10.
  • Innovation: 9/10.


This previous year saw the business face tons of examination over its keyboards, and while it provided the Retina Display MacBook Air nearly everyone wanted, all of its laptops felt too iterative, with little to really boast about.

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